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After the injection molding machine, the power saving rate increases greatly Jan 23, 2018

Injection molding machine is a equipment, 24 hours a day job to stop using it is a very troublesome thing, in the long run, will not enter the discussion here machine malfunction and wear, mainly from the perspective of energy conservation and to discuss the injection molding machine. The power of injection molding machine is mainly in 8KW-250KW, 100-180kw equipment is used most frequently, so the energy consumption of injection molding factory is quite high. Needed a way to improve the injection molding machine, injection molding variant of energy-saving, that is equipped with frequency converter, a frequency conversion refrigerator and energy saving energy saving air conditioning similar power saving technology, installed in the injection molding machine electricity saving rate effect is very obvious.

At present, most of the injection molding machines in China are quantitative pump injection molding machines, and the current injection molding machine in the pearl river delta is a quantitative pump. The production cycle principle of the injection molding machine is: mould - injection - protection - return - - cooling - mold - ejection. The power of the motor is designed according to the maximum consumption power of each principle, and the energy consumption of high speed and high pressure is the biggest. But in practical production, because the surface of the product accuracy requirements, the products are often not suitable for high speed and high pressure molding, so the average load of injection molding machine motor is normally 60%, individual cases even only 40%. The injection molding machine does not adjust the output energy according to the load, and most of the energy is done in a large amount of idle work, so the energy loss is huge. Equipped with frequency conversion after the economizer, the controller by automatically detecting the all phases in the process of production (mold, injection molding, pressure maintaining, back to the material, cooling, mould opening, ejection) pressure and speed setting, calculate the corresponding proportional control signal output to the inverter, the inverter according to receiving control signals, dynamically adjust the motor speed to ensure the output of hydraulic oil pump as little as possible to produce wattless circumfluence.

After the retrofitting of the converter, the injection molding machine is adjustable control mode, the flow rate of the pump discharge is variable, and the maximum is not exceeding the rated flow. After installing the converter in one of the injection molding machines, different molds are used to obtain different test results. The power saving rate was 30.7% after the installation of the frequency converter.