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Auto mould 3D design Notes(一) Mar 07, 2018

Auto mould 3D design Notes

As the auto mould 3D design are generally carried out in the UG,involving more content,so we should do detailed inspection after designed one set of auto mould.Following I will tell you in detail how to check .

1.      If the product is the latest picture files provided by customers,if shrinkiage according to the customer requirements?

2.      If the appearance of the product texture surface is enough.

3.      If product appearance has the possibility of shrinkage.

4.      If the product defomation and shrinkage has consider.

5.      If it has deep or thinner column bin.

6.      If it operate the interference analysis and the product dial analysis.

7.      If the internal clearance check all of the parts.

8.      If the product can be successfully deducted flip.

9.      If the size is reasonable.

10.  If the size of the point A is larger than the mould core,if the point ot the nozzle in the mould core is easy to process.

11.  If use the hot runner,do the details relevant check for the hot runner,

12.  If the location of the parting line is reasonable,the parting surface is easy to process.

13.  If all parts determine non profit angle .

14.  If it is necessary to check all the rubbing surface

15.  If the angle of all the rubbing surface is enough.