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Auto rearview mirror mould introduction Mar 10, 2018

Auto Rearview mirror product appearance requirements are strict, high with the general surface fine lines treatment, low general spray paint treatment. According to different models, the rear-view mirror has split type and integral type. The high-end car adopts split type design, and the low-end car adopts integral design.

 Auto Rearview mirror mould structure introduction

Mold structure: rear mold oblique position + back mold inclined top + inclined top + straight top combination structure

Auto rearview mirror mould design

The auto rearview mirror mould adopts the ejecting mechanism of the push rod + pushing block + inclined block, which is the typical structure of the car mirror mirror mold. It is necessary to pay attention to the design of this kind of mold, this structure must be manually taken pieces, manual take pieces Need to manually pick out the plastic parts, for such plastic parts, plastic parts must have room for swing. This kind of plastic parts relied on by hand has also been used in the design of automobile molds, such as automobile steering columns and throttle covers.

Auto rear view mirro mould pay attention to:

1. The plastic parting line is on R, and R is on the fixed die. For this R on the half-open or 37 open mold, in order to design the appearance of the clip line is not visible, we must pay special attention to the dynamic model Ren small 0.05-0.1mm, to avoid plastic parts of the gap.

2. Fixed mold mouth, fine positioning must be designed. Avoid misalignment of the mold and prevent the plastic parts from having a step.

3. When the mold mirror inverted buckle 5 is designed as a push block structure, it is necessary to take the pieces manually, and the plastic pieces must have swing space when they are taken out.

4. Lens shell mold mold edge due to the edge of the mold, in the mold must pay attention to the protection of the production, it is best to use opaque adhesive tape to protect it, to avoid gaps in the handling process.

5. When designing the slanting slider that pulls the core in the up and down direction along the Z axis, it should be noted that the slant of the slanted slider's front bottom surface should be greater than or equal to the angle of the slanting slider seat's bottom surface to avoid undercut.

6. The inclined slide cooling water, spring and other design must be parallel to the slanting slide's core pulling angle, which is convenient for oblique slide processing. 3. When ordering the slanting slider, the embryo body needs to be ordered along the inclined direction of the slanting slider to facilitate subsequent processing.

7. The bottom of the wear block at the bottom of the slanting block should be designed to be straight, and the wear block should be protruded so as to avoid interference with the B plate and the travel block of the slope block when the oblique block slides backward.

8. Since the inclined slides are to be fitted with the fixed molds, the slides need to be designed with the positioning of the mushroom heads, and the design process screws should also be taken into account.