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Automobile Grille Features and Molding Analysis Mar 14, 2018

Automobile grille parts refer to the structure of the main body of the product. There are more grid-like structures in the grid. There are holes in the grid. These parts are: 1. Engine inlet grille (the spreader grille) 2. Bumper decoration Grille, 3. Inside the car's buffer grille

The most important thing for the grid of appearance parts is the surface quality. Due to its grid-like structure, the material flow is complex and difficult to control.

The characteristics and requirements of the product

Product materials and requirements: grille is exterior parts, with weathering requirements, grille machine processing in general have striae, sandblasting, painting, electroplating, materials commonly used PP, ABS, ASA etc.. The grille is the appearance part, the surface quality request is high, is restricted by the product structure, is difficult to eliminate the weld mark how to control the weld mark position, is this kind of product main problem.


The structure features of the product: according to the shape of the mesh, the grille is divided into square hole grille and irregular grid. The grid in two directions is usually different. One of the directions is the main body and the other is the secondary location. The grid parting line is more complex, and the parting surface needs to be designed according to certain rules. The slope of the product mesh is not usually large, so the design should be based on the requirements of the surface treatment. If the front and rear mould has a reinforcement position, it is necessary to focus on the deviation of the die and front die, and the front die should be larger than the rear die.

Mold forming analysis :

1.       Grille product mesh has many holes, and its shape and subtype line are complicated.Mould have much tiny place.As long as the product is allowed to use mosaic for processing .

2.       gating system for grille products with complex shape, first consider overall pouring product layout, hot runner systems generally use the raft stiffness control, to adjust the position of weld lines. for square hole grille, usually central to layout a gate, the material flow along the direction of the main body, the reinforcing ribs and other secondary position to promote the weld line is located in the secondary position. The sequence valve  hot runner system, reduce the impact of weld line. The grille bar clearance is small, generally not directly arranged casting products, commonly used to sneak into the bottom gate. For the emergence of flow, need to do cable stayed structure.

3.        cooling system of inclined roof structure, such as customer requirements of the production cycle and the shape of the product and mould structure and processing under the allowed choice through water, so favorable In the cooling effect. The local fine shape, using mosaic structure, separate cooling, and consider the design of beryllium copper insert.

4.        structure: when the grille between the parting surfaces have two kinds of choices,insertion and penetration . penetrating way of parting surface texture in the cavity, will appear upside down products die degloving injury of . Insertion in the front mold can not see

product boundaries, polishing, texture control are not accurate. Grille products more draft position is very small,  commonly used product ejection structure: when the product grid width smaller or deeper reinforcement, need to cross bar at the intersection of the top. The whole layout of products need to be top of the distance from the large, slender thimble is not appropriate, should be shortened.