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Battery box mould insert Mar 21, 2018

Battery box is  a container for battery,due of the battery expand with heat and contract,we need to take this factor in consideration during the product design.Most adopt the PP material ,considering the rib thickness and wall depth. Hot runner system is demanded to make the best forming.DIN 1.2316 and 718H is the most choice for the moulds core and cavity material.There are many specification for the auto battery box,also there has the international standard,some large scale enterprise owns their specific standards.Seaco mould accept tailor made battery box mould.

Regard the hotrunner layout,Normally is the same level.Usually one grid controlled by one injection nozzle forming.Some customer request use one nozzle control two grid.For this we need take consider that the rib between the two grid,would appear transformation.Usually we don’t recommend customer make moulds like this.Seaco mould consider more about the battery box mould cooling and forming cycle time.For best automatic injection,we would consider make the best ejection draft during design period. And the rib thickness request thinner than the wall,otherwise there would appear shrinkage mark on the battery box surface.The size of the box control is the most important for the moulds production main key.Before make design,better request customer provide the 2d design which marked size with tolerance. And confirm with customer with all thedetail final size checking request.

There are many places needed inserts in thebattery box mold, we call these inserts are battery box mold inserts.

For first example, Some customers whoprefer their battery box to have two different designs,:box bottom with rib andbox bottom without ribs, This request the mold to have interchangeable insertson the bottom. So when we need which one, put the one into the mold. It will bemore convenient for clients to achieve two different requirements of clients.

For second example, on the battery box ,positive and negative inserts must be changeable, as well as and the place forthem. The Lead inserts Positive and Negative are different. This also requestto have interchangeable inserts on the mold.

For third example, on the battery lid thereis an additional hole, which must be with changeable inserts. It is for magiceye.

Seaco mould can help our customer one-station service for plastic car battery injection  molding line, from design, testing and after-service, our pleasure to give our customer for battery Mould solution, injection machine solution or turnkey solution.