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Bottom coating product of car lamp Mar 10, 2018

Both as a function of the exterior parts, automobile lamp decorative ring has become an important part of automobile headlamp design personalized, decorative ring free primer direct aluminum is an important development trend. According to the lamp ring with the use of the environment, long-term use, light distribution, wall thickness and assembly and other aspects of the particularity, usually require materials must have high heat resistance (less than 160 DEG C), low fog value, high gloss, high rigidity and toughness properties. As a result, the main materials used as rings are heat-resistant polycarbonate (PC), PBT/PET+MD and substrate free PBT. In contrast, the bottom - free PBT material has a unique performance advantage in the application of the car lamp ring. This material has been applied to the latest models, such as Ford Mondeo and Toyoda Eishi and other high-end models.


Free primer product has high heat resistance, high flow, low volatile.  According to the ASTMD648 standard test, the temperature reached 180 degrees of deformation of HEB4010 products under the 0.45MPa heat, meet the lamp decorative frame temperature 160 DEG C; at 250 DEG C * 2.16kg conditions, the melt flow index is up to 30g/10min, can meet the need of forming; in addition, the high temperature of 160 DEG C, 24h a glass plate, fog light transmittance decline rate is less than 5%, showing good low volatility. Although the products without bottom coating are facing the challenge of high requirement for mold surface and a slight shrinkage of products, they will be the mainstream materials for future headlamp decoration circles. The bottom - free PBT can provide good environmental protection. The material has high surface gloss, and it can fully meet the requirements of direct evaporating aluminum coating. Therefore, it does not need primer treatment to avoid environmental pollution caused by solvent evaporation. At present, more and more attention is paid to the diversified design of vehicle lamps. Besides the design of the model, the design of the skin pattern of the lights is also included. The bottom coat PBT has better flow performance, thereby improving the replicability of the material. It can perfectly display the surface and skin surface of the mould cavity on the car lamp product, thus realizing the diversity and beauty of the car light design. Moreover, good fluidity also makes the bottom free PBT material meet the design requirements of thinner products. Its production cycle is shorter and the processing window is wider. For the application of the bottom - free PBT material in the lamp ring, the volatilization of small molecules is required to be controlled at a very low level.