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Bumper pouring system design Mar 07, 2018

1, Bumper hot runner injection molding, not only shorten the molding cycle, improve production efficiency, but also save raw materials, it is the development direction of large-scale molds. In large die designs, no-runner systems, the development of this new technology, is a major innovation in injection molding. No-runner system design and application more and more widely, especially the hot runner mold, which is the design direction of large molds, with the following unique advantages:

⑴ shorten the molding cycle, generally up to 30% ~ 40%.

⑵ avoid recycling a lot of back to the expected, thus saving raw materials and reduce costs.

⑶ due to strict control of temperature, thus improving the quality of products to ensure the dimensional accuracy and strength of products.

⑷ hot runner is conducive to pressure transmission, which can reduce the injection pressure.

⑸ shorten the mold opening stroke, is conducive to the protection of molds, extending mold life.

⑹ No need to trim the material, save man-hours and labor.

⑺ shorten the molding cycle, reduce product costs, in general, reduce production costs by 16%

2,  The use of push-push putter joint can solve the problem of large-scale injection mold products prolapse difficult. Rational use of the top column to solve the large span of large injection mold difficult to meet the rigidity requirements of forming the contradiction between the parts. When the mold to a certain distance, moving the template began to drive plate. Continued to open the mold by the pull plate driven plate, and through the reset lever and the push rod drive push rod and push plate at the same time promote the product from the fixed mold inserts. When the mold is closed, the putter is reset by the reset lever.