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Development direction of injection molding plant Dec 25, 2017

There is a very subtle relationship between the injection processing plant and the employer, both of which are interdependent and mutually restrictive. How to set up the cooperation mode and the mutual support relationship between the two sides must be the key to both sides.

As a product developer or manufacturer, the cost control of injection parts should be as low as possible to reduce costs. For injection molding parties, ensuring enough profits is a prerequisite for the survival of factories, as well as a necessary source of protection for future unpredictable risks. The two sides need enough sincerity and mutual understanding in the allocation and maintenance of interests. The following section is going to talk about the cooperation mode and development direction of employers and injection factories under different conditions.

One, small injection molding factory

Small injection factory refers to small size, often just a few small equipment factory. At this time, the orders of the factory are mainly from the care of the friends. The products produced in the factory are simple and simple to meet the purpose of a few employers. In order to stabilize, factory owners by adding equipment or upgrade equipment and began to introduce foreign orders, at this time due to the relatively low cost of the factory, factory orders less, so for the customer with the degree is relatively high, there is enough time and energy to go into production; but due to the small size, only adapt to the production of simple and low product;

Two. Small and medium injection molding factory

When a small factory to have injection molding equipment, the orders are sufficient supply and product line began to enrich, the factory has a good situation, the higher intention of factory production, and has a certain production capacity to respond. Therefore, it is suitable for small scale products processing and production, because its lower cost and production flexibility are more advantageous in customer cooperation.

Three. Medium injection molding factory

Medium-sized processing plants refers to the ability to mold development, injection molding machine and injection molding has a large capacity and a sufficient number of factories, the cost and the demand of the factory orders is relatively large, factory owners began to seek greater customer orders and higher requirements of the injection order, because the equipment used to maximize the rate of only enough orders to bring and only requires a higher order injection can have greater profit margins. As a result, the coordination degree of the smaller customers has begun to decline, and it has also gradually abandoned the old customers and small customers with smaller profit margins.

Four, medium and large injection molding factory

When the parts of the factory began to separate and mutual relations existed, the injection plant had stepped on the way to the large factory. The factory orders should have more done, the core part of the production began to pick a single, high production efficiency, product profit space big plastic production; and it is not conducive to the production, the profit space of single assignment processing, distributed to every single small injection molding factory to add, and even some low demand assigned to the small injection molding plant to extract the appropriate fee to send production connected to others. In a simple word, the order is not finished.

Five. Large injection molding factory

The so-called large, is not that between the device and the size of the Department, usually factory to a certain scale of development after the bottleneck appears and it is difficult to have great progress, the factory began to transition: either to enter the capital market to capital operation, listing; or enter the product market, to create products, expand product market, multi direction. At this time, the factory has no longer accepted the poor quality order, and the customer has shifted from the original diversity to the high quality customer direction.

It is simple for injection molding plant at different stages of development needs and fit mind, is intended to make the employer for their products suited to the injection molding factory what to production to provide some reference, of course this aside emotion and human relationship of various factors, but also it is more suitable for rational consideration.