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Eccentric adjustment of car fan mold dynamic balance mechanism Dec 04, 2017

The auto fan mold comprises a cavity and a core, the cavity and the core form a cavity of the fan, the fan comprises a car fan blade, and the blades are connected by a fixing ring outside, and the utility model is characterized in that the type The core comprises a main core, an upper part of the main core and a cavity form a mold cavity of a fan blade, an outer wall of the main core is tightly fastened to the push plate, a fixed ring is arranged outside the push plate, a conical hole and a conical hole are formed in the stator ring, The inner surface of the movable ring is formed with the outline of the fixed ring, and the inner diameter center of the movable ring and the outer diameter of the outer diameter of the blade of the main core are eccentric. The program has the advantages of simple structure, convenient debugging, and avoidance of scrapping caused by trimming mold cavity, saving time and high efficiency.

The use of eccentric to adjust the position of the thickness of the fan fixed ring to adjust the dynamic balance of the fan, the specific structure is the main core of the outer wall of the push plate push plate installed outside the fixed circle, fixed circle installed moving circle, Circle for the cone surface, both to prevent the moving coil slide out of the fixed circle, but also to ensure the dynamic rotation; due to the dynamic center of the inner diameter of the main core and the outer diameter of the blade eccentric center, moving the inner diameter of the center is fixed The center of the outer diameter of the ring and the center of the outer diameter of the main blade are the center of the inner diameter of the fixing ring. By rotating the moving ring, the cavity of the fixing ring can be adjusted (the inner diameter of the fixing ring is located between the inner diameter of the moving ring and the outer diameter of the main core Between) the size of the whole, so adjust the fixed ring wall thickness, debugging is convenient, but also save time. The specific debugging method is as follows: When the fan is demolded, the fan and the moving coil are firstly marked at any position, but the marking position of the fan and the moving coil must be the same, and then the fan is placed on the dynamic balance measuring instrument for testing. Failure, the fan unbalance point (dynamic balance measuring instrument can be detected) as a new tag, and then put the fan back into the moving coil in place (the initial mark of the two can be placed into alignment) If the unbalance point is a light weight, rotate the moving coil to increase the cavity of the fan fixing ring (that is, increase the wall thickness of the fixing ring there), and if the unbalance point is of mass, Reduce the cavity of the retaining ring until proper adjustment is achieved. In general, after this method of debugging the mold after the second trial can pass.