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Excellent Plastic Bucket mould Maker Mar 30, 2018

Plastic Bucket is very common package in the daily life.How to check the bucket is good product ,usually we consider the using time and test the drop,when during transporting ,suddenly an accident happened,so we must take sure the sealing of the bucket while met hitting,Making good bucket mould is very import to product the perfect quality bucket.Seaco mould is professional manufacuturer in bucket mould series,Our technology in this field is very mature and with rich experienced.Following points are very important.

Firstly, Mold Design and Structure
    A high-quality mold structure is a premise for a qualified mold before manufacturing. We attach great importance to analyze mold structure, including demolding draft angle, the epitome of product surface, gating system design, exhaust design, cooling system design etc. 
    Second, the Mold Steel
    In order to improve the mold life and product quality, we increase the mold steel hardness through heat treatment. The steels we commonly use are P20, 718, 2738, H13 etc. to prevent mold eccentric, we use whole piece of steel to make the bucket. Our bucket molds use air assistance,stripper plate and centre ejector for demolding (release in two steps).
     Third, the Mold Cooling system
     The cooling system is very important. In order to increase cooling performance, there also have water channels in the center. We adopt single loop cooling way and setup even distribution water channels as much as possible.