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Five elements that need to be met in injection molding Dec 29, 2017

Injection molding is a process of injection molding and injection molding to meet the need to meet five elements, temperature, velocity, pressure, position, time, the five factors that determine the molding product quality, product quality control is the key to this, a qualified product needs to control factors.

1, temperature is the first step of injection molding. Temperature can be divided into: drying temperature, material temperature, mold temperature, these are some crucial factors. The drying temperature is to ensure the quality of the polymer molding without drying, ensure polymer wet and dry in a certain amount; the material temperature in order to ensure the normal and smooth plastication, molding, molding; mold temperature is an important condition for leather production size, appearance, molding cycle is considered.

2, the speed is divided into the injection speed, the melting temperature, the release speed, the speed of the opening and closing, the back speed of the thimble. The increase of injection velocity will affect the filling pressure increases, increasing the injection speed can make the flow length increases, uniform product quality to ensure product quality, high speed injection for a long process of products, product size control at low speed; melt velocity is an important parameter of plasticizing capacity, plasticizing quality, the higher the speed, the higher the temperature of melt plasticizing capacity the stronger; loosening speed is to reduce the volume of melt, the melting chamber pressure drops, to prevent the outflow of the mold; speed is one of the important conditions to ensure machine production operation; thimble forward and backward speed is in order to ensure the smooth product release does not make the product deformation, crack tip.

3, the pressure is divided into: pressure, pressure, back pressure, mode lock pressure, mould protection pressure, ejection pressure. Injection pressure for pressure loss to overcome the melt from the nozzle flow - - cavity gate - to ensure that the cavity is filled; the pressure is to reduce the injection pressure of the parts due to sticking with burst or bending; pressure in order to avoid in high speed under high pressure die mold is caused by foreign body crush; ejection pressure is to prevent the products from die face adverse.

4, the position can be divided into: opening position, ejection and back stroke, metering stroke, loose leg quantity, ejection stroke, buffer volume. The opening position is to ensure the normal operation of the ejection part. The ejection return stroke plays a role in partial spring reset to the ejection limit protection. The metering stroke is to ensure enough plastic filling mold to ensure product quality.

5, the time is divided into: cooling time, sol-time, drying time, cooling time, melt time, drying time, period, ejection time and holding time. The molding products requires a certain period of time determines the size of products; injection; holding time in order to prevent the melt back, cooling contraction; cooling time to ensure product curing, prevent deformation; time of melting is guaranteed to melt fully; drying time to ensure that the product does not become elongated, adverse factors.

Injection molding production is often encountered bad reasons such as bad appearance of products damaged, ripple marks, scratches, spray columns, peeling, bubble, stripping bad this is a series of problems due to the above five factors.