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Heat treatment of plastic mould May 14, 2018

Die heat treatment is an important means to improve the hardness of steel material. Generally, after the die is rough, the heat treatment is carried out, and the heat treatment comes back to finish the finishing. However, there is a risk in the process of treatment. The improper treatment will cause the steel material to crack and scrap, which is the reason why the plastic die steel material is abnormal?

1) there are serious carbide segregation in the mold materials.

2) there is mechanical or cold plastic stress in the mold.

3) improper operation of mold heat treatment (heating or cooling too fast, improper selection of quenching medium, too low cooling temperature, too long cooling time, etc.).

4) the mold has complex shape, uneven thickness, sharp corners and thin thread holes, which makes the thermal stress and tissue stress remain too large.

5) plastic mold quenching process heating temperature is too high to produce overheating or over burning.

6) die quenching is not timely or tempering time is insufficient.

7) the mould is reheated and quenched without heating through intermediate annealing.

8) the mold heat treatment, the grinding process is improper.

9) there are high tensile stresses and micro cracks in the hardened layer when the dies are heat-treated.