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Hot to make an inquiry of a plastic injection mould Jan 09, 2018

If you really have demand to make a mould or some moulds, do you know how to get a clear and accurate mold price for your moulds?

If you are a professional injection molds buyer, maybe you know clear of that, but if you are first or not that professional mould buyers, here I will have some suggestions to teach you how to ask a quotation for plastic injection moulds.

While, first, you should have known that what you want, that mean what moulds you will need. Usually you will have a sample in hand, or you will have a finished design data in your computer, which you want to make injection moulds. That is enough, then go ahead.

Second, you have to know, what material of your parts. It is PP PS PA PC ABS or other special material. This information is important to budget the mould structures, and effect the mould price.

Then, you have to know how many pieces you will produce the parts, this is not that accurate, just estimate it.

Forth, surface request, that because high polish or textures also different effect the mould cost, especially some high grade mirror polish or special mouldtech textures.

Fifth, the injection system. Which request to identify cold runner or hot runner you will choose, or special brands hot runner.

Sixth, terms of business, FOB, CIF,CFR,EXW,DDP,DDU……

Seventh, payment terms, usually we do is by TT, and also we can accept LC.

Eighth, delivery time. If no special request can ignore this, because a standard mould quotation will include this information.

Ninth, that is your standards. This will base on your special need for maintain your tools, what kind of spare parts will be easy available, you can choose, anyway, don’t worry, usually when mould delivery, some spare parts will be together with the moulds for free.

Tenth, if possible you can tell clearly what kind of injection machine you will use for the moulds, that can help the mould suppliers to make design accordingly.

Eleventh, don’t forget how many cavity numbers you want.

In addition, there are also others information request for make inquiry of an injection moulds, but if you can offer above, then fortunately, this is enough.

Let’s make a summary of these key points to make a clear inquiry of a plastic injection mould.

1.      mould design data or samples;

2.      how many cavities;

3.      parts material;

4.      cold runner or hot runner;

5.      polish or textures on the surface;

6.      mould life, how many shots you will need

Above are the most important points to make an inquiry of a plastic injection mould. If you want make a mould, then specify it and you will get what you want without any misunderstanding.

Our company is, each year 600+ moulds are exported to 20+ countries, if need contact us with right information, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.


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