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How to make mould customer only offer samples have no drawing May 30, 2018

We are often asked by customers that we have plastic samples, but we don't have 3D drawings. Can we make molds according to the samples? This is ok. We can open the mold according to the sample

1.       We need to take sample to copy numbers,scan the appearance of the product into 3D document,and check whether the size of the 3D drawing is consistent with the sample after copying numbers.

2.       After starting 3D drawings, we will start product analysis. We will mainly analyze the product structure, whether it can be demolded smoothly during mold opening, whether there is an undercut, whether the draft is sufficient, where the rubber opening is, and the cold runner is used. Or hot runner, and then turn the 3D drawings into 2D drawings. After the mold is opened and the product is made, the 2D image file is used to make the measurement report to ensure that the finished product is the same size as the original sample.

3.       After the first and second steps are completed, the mold design is started. The 2D mold structure diagram is drawn first. The structure diagram clearly shows the overall structure of the mold, and 3D mold splitting is performed according to 2D, and each part is then disassembled into parts one by one. Then sent to the CNC processing department for processing.

4.       According to the drawings, the molder starts to process the mold, drilling, thimble, and screw holes.

5.       After finishing processing, start the assembly of the parts and start the trial after the assembly. The first tryout is called T1. Check the defects of the test pattern to modify the mold.

6.       After trying OK, the mold is qualified and waiting for shipment.

The injection mold process is such that even if there is only one sample, the mold can be processed.