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Injection mold reverse engineering manufacturing method Jan 17, 2018

Injection mold reverse engineering is a method of making use of parts or models to make cavity. Can get the parts and models available for measuring structure and dimension data, using the data processing program, recycling process on nc machine tools work out the required parts; It can also be used to mold the mold cavity with parts or models, and then finish machining the cavity.

Now quite a lot of three coordinates measuring machine in measuring room as if the acceptance of products qualified tool, but in the next three coordinate measuring machine will be more and more used in production line, become a part of a units of flexible manufacturing systems. No measuring instruments like sit three table measuring machine has a flexible, can complete all kinds of v under computer control in the measurement, can exchange information with machine tools, complete quality assurance, control and processing tasks.

The complete flexible manufacturing system must have the feedback of product quality information. In the processing production line, the three-coordinate measuring machine can output the feedback signal in time according to the size of the previous work piece and the shape error, so as to provide compensation and correction information for later processing. Can also according to the test results, forming solid graphics and CAD data, forming parts processing procedure, to work out to send it to the nc machine meets the requirements of parts, this method is especially suitable for generic parts.