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New energy CAR promotes the rapid development of plastic buckle Jan 30, 2018

"In [China] we set a very high standard of environmental protection," said Cao Du. "Everyone is engaged in the wave of hybrids and new energy vehicles; every car manufacturer is doing research and development in this area."

He delivered a speech at the China Automotive Plastic Buck Summit hosted by Plastics News in Shanghai.

Cao said that the development of electric vehicles is not only driven by environmental protection. China also hopes to reduce dependence on imported oil by reducing fuel consumption. "China relies too much on energy supply in other countries, so new energy will be the future trend."

The Chinese government has set a goal of reducing its fuel consumption to 4.5 liters per 100 kilometers by 2020. To achieve this goal, automakers must find new sources of energy and minimize vehicle weight. According to Cao Du, weight loss has become the most important issue for Chinese automakers. Take hybrid vehicles as an example. To achieve the government's goal, we must reduce the weight by 30-40%. At the same time, installing a battery in the car adds weight as well, further reducing the weight of the other car components.

"There are many sources of weight loss for cars; we can refine the car structure and sometimes enable new materials." With plastic buckles and composites, it is possible to produce structural parts from lighter materials. Metal door panels, front-end modules and fuel tanks are also available as plastic materials. Cao Du said that Chang'an Motor Co., Ltd. strives to integrate the separately produced components and parts. This process can save costs and is also done with plastics. He said: "We managed to integrate more than 10 automotive components into a single platform."