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Specification for installation and adjustment of injection moulds Feb 26, 2018

1.pre mould:

Before molding, the injection molding machine should be inspected, so as to detect quality problems in time, repair moulds, avoid loading and dismantling. When the mold fixed templates and mobile templates are separately inspected, we should pay attention to directional marks, so as to avoid making mistakes when fitting them.

2.inclined guide mode installation:

When the mold is installed, the two people should closely cooperate with the safety. If there is a mold for the lateral subtype mechanism, the slider should be installed at the horizontal position, that is, the movable block is left and right.

3.The mold is fastened:

When the positioning ring mold positioning ring is arranged in the injection molding machine template base, with very slow speed of closing, so that the dynamic template will mold gently pressed, then the pressure plate, pressure plate must be installed gasket, upper and lower clamping plates must be installed 4 blocks on the pressure plate, we must pay attention to the height adjustment screw and die to foot high, the pressure plate to be flat. If the press plate is inclined, the die can not be pressed tightly. The side of the press plate can not be close to the mold so as to avoid the friction damage to the mold.

4.The ejection distance of the more positive top rod:

The mold is fastened, so slowly and die, until this is to stop the moving template back, pole position should be adjusted to the top of the gap between the plate and the movable mold plate remain not less than 5 mm on the mold, to prevent damage to the mold, and to the top.

5.the adjustment of the tightness of the closed die:

In order to prevent the spill, and ensure proper cavity exhaust, in regulating hydraulic plunger - toggle locking mechanism, mainly by visual observation and experience, in which the mould is closed, toggle fast after a slow first is not very natural, not too reluctantly straight, closing the tightness just right. For mould that requires mould temperature, the tightness of the die should be corrected after the mould is raised.

6.the cooling water is connected

After the cooling water is connected, it should be checked whether it is unblocked and leaking.