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The advantages of hot runner systems Feb 23, 2018

(1) without outlet material, does not require post-processing, so the entire molding process fully automated, saving time and increasing work efficiency.

(2) pressure loss is small. Nozzle temperature of hot runner temperature and injection molding machines are equal, to avoid surface condensation of the raw material within the sprue, the injection pressure loss.

(3) outlet material is reused to make plastic performance degradation, use of hot runner systems there is no outlet material can reduce the loss of raw materials, thereby reducing the cost of the product. Uniform temperature and pressure in the cavity, the plastic parts stress, uniform density, the smaller injection pressure, injection molding a better product than the average injection systems, short molding time. Transparency, thin pieces of large plastic parts or high demand plastic parts to better demonstrate its advantages, and use the smaller models to produce a larger product.

(4) hot nozzle standardization, serialization design, with a variety of alternative nozzle head, good interchangeability. The unique design and processing of electric heating coil can be achieved by uniform heating, long service life. Hot runner system is equipped with a hot runner plate, thermostat, compact design, a wide variety of easy to use, stable and reliable quality.

◆ the disadvantage of the hot runner system applications

1) the overall mold closed height increase, due to the installation of hot runner plate, mold the overall height has increased.

(2) thermal radiation is difficult to control, the biggest problem of the hot runner is the runner's heat loss is a need to address a major issue.

(3) the existence of thermal expansion, thermal expansion and contraction issues to consider when we design.

(4) mold manufacturing costs, higher prices of hot runner system standard accessories, the popularity of hot runner mold.