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The development of mold in the world is the role of the mould in China Jan 24, 2018

In recent years, the use of moulds has become more and more extensive, such as information industry, aerospace industry, railway department, medical device department and so on. As the world's cutting-edge mould industry in China mold and die industry, our mould industry has been growing by leaps and bounds, the development of advanced mold manufacturing experience and rich management experience and strict management mode to our mould industry development has brought new vigor and motive force, is also China's mold industry development opportunities, because of advanced technology, the diversification of the mold, the mold use more and more widely, prompting the mould demand increase gradually, such as green environmental protection decoration mold, multifunctional composite mold assembly are generally need to mould type on the market, increasing demand, will give each big mold injection molding industry industry such as tianjin mold injection molding industry has brought great development space. It can be seen that the development of mold in the world has a great impetus to the development of China's mould.