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The lack of talent leads to the slow development of the mold industry Jan 02, 2018

In recent decades, the domestic plastic mold industry has been developing rapidly, and the demand and demand for talents have become higher and higher. But there is no solution to this thorny problem, which has become a major obstacle to the development of China's mold industry.

According to the understanding, the coastal area of mould producing area, all appear to have different degrees of recruitment. In order to attract talent, many local mold enterprises even cross-regional recruitment phenomenon. Three kinds of talents form the mold industry. "Jinling layer" personnel proficient in mold design software and the mould structure of knowledge, accumulated a lot of practical experience in the practical work of this kind of person is suited for various enterprises technical manager or technical director. The "gray collar" refers to the personnel who specially design and process the mold in the position, which accounts for 15% of the company's mold technical posts. "Blue collar" means the technical staff who are responsible for the specific operation and daily maintenance of the mold in the production position, and 75% of the company's positions are the most in demand. This has become one of the main obstacles in the domestic mold industry, and the development of professional talents has become an urgent matter in the mould industry.