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What is the plastic mold gate Nov 29, 2017

The gate of the mold is also called the feeding port, which is the melt channel of the split channel and the mold cavity on the mold. When we design gate and location, it has a very important impact on mold, and even directly related to whether plastic parts can be intact and produce high quality products.

In our mold industry, the gate can be divided into two types, the non restrictive gate and the restrictive type. The main function of the non restrictive gate is to pressure the cavity and the feed to prevent the injection molding from producing the flfei. The restrictive gate is the smallest section in the casting system, and the main functions are as follows:

By changing the gate cross-sectional area of the mold, the plastic melt flow over the shunt must improve the injection pressure, the plastic melt flow through a flexible mouth suddenly increased, the increase of plastic melt speed, reduce the viscosity of the solution, change the flow state, from the plastic material can quickly evenly filled cavity. For the multi cavity mold, the size of the gate can be adjusted, and the mold cavity can also be made to achieve the purpose of simultaneous feeding. The gate also plays a role in preventing early curing and melting the melt in the cavity. The gate is usually made of the smallest cross section in the casting, which is beneficial to the separation of the plastic parts from the gate after the plastic injection is completed.

The function of the gate:

1. Make molten plastics enter the full cavity at the fastest speed.

2, the gate cross section must be very small, and the length should be short so as to meet the flow speed, the teacher cooling and sealing, easy to separate the plastic parts, and ensure the minimum requirement of gate residual marks.

The gate plays a very important role in the whole mould. It is the mouths of all molds, which directly affect the success or failure of the whole mould. You can't despise him.