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Advantages Of Hot Runner System For Plastic Mold Nov 20, 2017

On the plastic mold hot runner system contains the advantages, including the anhydrous mouth material, pressure loss and other advantages, the following to open together to see it.

1, no mouth material, no post-processing, so that the entire molding process is fully automated, saving work time, improve work efficiency.

2, small pressure loss. The temperature of hot runner is equal to the nozzle temperature of injection molding machine, so that the surface condensation phenomenon of raw material in the sprue is avoided, and the injection pressure loss is small.

3, the repeated use of nozzle material will degrade the performance of plastics, and the use of hot runner system without nozzle material, can reduce the loss of raw materials, thereby reducing the cost of products. In the cavity, the temperature and pressure are uniform, the stress of the plastic parts is small and the density is uniform. Under the smaller injection pressure and shorter molding time, the injection molding product is better than the general injection molding system. For transparent parts, thin parts, large plastic parts or high requirements of plastic parts can show their advantages, and can use smaller models to produce larger products.

4, the hot nozzle adopts standardized and serial design, equipped with a variety of optional nozzle head, good interchangeability. The unique design and processing of the electric heating coil can achieve uniform heating temperature and long service life. The hot runner system is equipped with hot runner plate, temperature controller, etc., with exquisite design, various types, convenient use, stable and reliable quality.