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Development Of Mould Industry At Present Dec 08, 2017

With the continuous development of the mold industry in China, the demand and demand for mould products are gradually increasing. And this increase brings a greater impetus to the promotion of industry technology. In the future development of the industry, technological innovation is natural, and technology upgrading is necessary. This is the most important condition in the rapid development of the industry and the demand of the market. China's mould industry started late, but for a long time, it also focused on low-end products. But with the gradual transformation, new opportunities for the industry have been put forward.

In recent years, China has imported nearly 1 billion U. S. dollars each year, including precision, large, complex and long-life dies. Therefore, from the perspective of reducing imports, the proportion of such high-end moulds and hardware tools in the market will gradually increase. The future, China's mold and CNC plastic products industry will be the biggest in the world. In the international market, the artificial cost of industrial developed countries has increased in recent years, and it is moving to developing countries, especially in Southeast Asia. In its domestic production, high production and fine mold, artificial labor input of the large amount of mold to rely on the import solution. Therefore, the potential of the middle and low grade die and mould international market is very great. As long as the quality of the domestic moulds can be improved and the delivery date can be guaranteed, the prospect of die export is very optimistic. In addition, the international market demand for mold standard parts is also large. At present, there is only a small amount of export in our country.

China plastic products market demand growth is slow, mainly because of plastic products increased life expectancy, another is the user for the entire manufacturing process required to replace many machine tools and plastic products, as well as the application of multifunctional plastic products increased, instead of a simple plastic products a lot of previous single function.

From the perspective of technology development trend of machinery manufacturing industry, the proportion of high efficiency CNC machine tools will increase year by year, and the demand for high efficient and advanced plastic products will increase rapidly. Because of the increase of labor cost in China, the price advantage of middle and low grade plastic products will be gradually lost. For the increasing demand for advanced plastic products of CNC machine tools, China's tool industry must change the concept, vigorously develop the production of highly efficient and advanced plastic products, pay attention to sales volume, and pay more attention to after-sales service, and strive to create more market share.